Refund Policy
Rental Agreement
Nicolet College Electronic Device Lending Policy
Nicolet College Electronic Device Lending Agreement

- Textbooks can only be returned during the first two weeks of the semester or course for a refund or within 30 days of purchase, whichever is less.
- Textbooks purchased after the first two weeks of the semester can be returned within 3 business days of purchase
- If the class is an interim class (starts outside the normal start of the semester), textbooks can be returned until the first day of class or within 30 days of purchase, whichever is less.
- Textbooks that are shrink-wrapped cannot be returned if opened. 
- Access codes may be returned if unopened at the discretion of the staff.
- New books must be in new condition.  This means no markings inside or outside the book and the book cannot be damaged in any way
- Any material that came with the book must be unopened and accompany the book when returned
- The Bookstore staff have the right to reduce or deny any refund based on the condition of the book. 

Clothing, Reference Materials, and Supplies
- Unworn clothing can be exchanged or refunded for 30 days
- Reference materials can be exchanged or refunded within 5 business days of purchase
- Supplies can be exchanged or refunded within 5 business days of purchase
- Custom ordered program clothing and supplies can not be exchanged or refunded.

Refund Procedures
- Refunds for items purchased on a credit/debit card will be refunded to the card it was charged against.  Please have the card used for purchase available for refunding purposes.
- Non-credit card refunds over the amount of $50.00 will be issued as a refund check.  If the purchase was paid via check, the Bookstore reserves the right to hold the refund for ten business days until the original check has cleared the bank.
- Refunds for students funded by a third party will be credited back to the third party and not the student.
- Financial aid refunds will be credited back to the student's account.  After financial aid checks have been distributed, the Business Office will issue a refund check when appropriate.

Please contact the Nicolet Bookstore with any questions.

Nicolet Bookstore Rental Agreement:

•    I understand that the textbook(s) rented to me is (are) the property of the Nicolet College Bookstore and in accepting the terms of this textbook rental program, I accept the responsibility to use the textbook and return it to the bookstore is resalable condition.  No moisture or water damage is allowed.
•    I understand that at the end of the current semester, it is my responsibility to return the textbook(s) rented under this program to the bookstore.  If the textbook(s) are not returned, as specified in this rental agreement, my card will be charged the replacement value of the textbooks plus a $25 penalty.  If the credit card transaction is not approved, charges will be applied to my student account and a hold will be placed.
•    I understand that if the card used to secure my textbook rental(s) is canceled or changed in any way, I will contact the bookstore immediately.
•    I understand that rental textbooks are due in the bookstore by 4:00 pm on the last day of the semester. 


Nicolet College Electronic Device Lending Policy

Checking out an Electronic Device:

    You will be asked to show ID.

Checking in an Electronic Device:

Verify you are returning all contents of the bag/package (i.e. charger, mouse, etc.) and electonic devices are in working order.
     Start and login into the computer. This ensures the device works properly and allows staff to check the battery level before shelving.
     All devices must be brought back clean and with at least 80% charge on the battery.

Renewing an Electronic Device:

Electronic device renewals are approved at the discretion of the bookstore and are contingent upon device availability and maintenance schedule.  In general, devices may be renewed for the upcoming term to eligible students pending availability; students may be placed on a waiting list.

Lost, Damaged, and Non-Returned Items:

An item is considered damaged when:

  • The borrower informs the college that the item is damaged
  • Water damage and/or mold is present
  • Biohazard contamination (blood, urine, feces, vomit, etc.) is present
  • Unmitigable smell (such as cat urine, cigarettes, skunk spray, mildew, etc.) is present
  • Item is missing parts or parts are damaged
  • Any other damage is present that causes the item to be too fragile or hazardous to circulate
  • The returned devuce is not functional

An item is considered non-returned when:

  • It is 30 days past due 
  • If you withdraw or drop from your courses and do not return the checked-out materials promptly. 

The replacement charge for a non-returned or damaged item is based on the following fee schedule. Billing will occur after notice of the relevant issues.

  • Electronics: Replacement cost ($50-250) + $50 processing fee
  • Laptops: Replacement cost ($700-885) + $50 processing fee
  • Laptop Case: ($15) + $5 processing fee
  • Laptop charging cord and/or charging brick: ($70) + $5 processing fee
  • Computer Mouse: ($14) + $5 processing fee

If an electronic device is returned damaged or is lost, the student will be billed for device replacement plus processing fee and a hold will be placed on the student's account until the matter is resolved.  When outstanding bills are turned over for collection, they cannot be resolved by returning the item(s). Prior to that event, at the bookstore's discretion, the return of the item(s) in circulating condition may be considered.

Nicolet College Electronic Device Lending Agreement

As a service offered by Nicolet College, persons in good standing are allowed to participate in the College’s Electronic Device Lending Program (the “Program”) is subject to the user’s agreement to abide by the Terms of Use for participation in the Program.  Under the Program, qualified individuals may check out designated laptops or electronic devices from the College for allotted periods of time.  All Program devices are owned by and belong to the College.

Terms of Use: The following terms apply to each loan and use of all electronic devices lent by Nicolet College:

  1. Availability/Use of Electronic Devices:  The College has a limited number of electronic devices for checkout.  One of each type of device per  pat n may be checked out from the College on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Loan Periods.  Subject to availability, each qualified patron can checkout one of each type of device per loan period. Electronic device loans are renewable at the discretion of the college staff and may be denied based on factors such as availability.  
  3. Return.  The device and accessories must be returned personally before the end of business on the date it is due. If you are uncertain as to when your device needs to be returned, it is your responsibility to contact the College to find out at (715)-365-4443. 
  4. Failure to Return the Device:  If a device is not returned to the College within 30 days after the due date, the records will be sent to the Business Office to begin the College collection process. The college collection process will include the replacement cost of the device and a processing fee. Please see staff for current replacement costs.
  5. Damage to a Device:  If the device or accessories provided (i.e. laptop case, mouse, headphones, etc.) are damaged while in your possession or not returned, you will be charged for the cost of repairs, replacement parts, and/or replacement of the device or accessory. Repair and replacement charges for damages to a device will be the actual cost of labor, parts, or full replacement cost of the item and the applicable processing fee.
  6. Responsibilities:
    1. Electronic device use under this Program is subject to all relevant College policies including, but not limited to: the College’s Computer Use Policy which incorporates US Copyright Law, the Student E-mail Policy, and the College’s Code of Conduct Policy.  The College’s Computer Use Policy and US Copyright Law expressly forbid the unauthorized sharing, copying, or duplication of the software on College computers. You are responsible for any violation of the College’s Policies and/or US Copyright Law.
    2. Electronic Devices are intended for legal uses only; you are responsible for any illegal activity committed, and any harm or injury caused while using this laptop.
    3. You are responsible for the electronic device, its software, and accompanying accessories that you check out.  Never leave the device unattended.  Never give, lend, lease or otherwise provide the device or its software to anyone else.
    4. If you withdraw or drop from your courses, you must coordinate the return of any checked-out devices promptly or it may be considered nonreturned and sent to the business office to begin the collection process. 
  7. You are responsible for saving your own work.  Files should not be stored on a laptop's hard drive. All files stored on the hard drive are removed automatically when the laptop is powered off or restarted.  We recommend you save your work to a USB drive or cloud storage.  Nicolet College accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged files or for any files that may remain on the device after use.
  8. Questions concerning the Nicolet College Electronic Device Lending Policy and Lending Agreement may be directed to the appropriate staff at (715) 365-4443.